With a lifelong connection to the ocean, this country boy grew up in Bunbury where his love of the ocean began.  It started with crafting wooden fins into foamies to catch a few waves at his local break.  He then moved into converting surfboards to sailboards in an old shed in Applecross, WA,  only to be seen (wellnot really) belting across the river in the dark of night.  A back injury got him into supping and he has never looked back. Stimo’s surfing background has made it an easy transition into sup.  He can either be found down winding in a 30-knotter off the shores of Swannie and City beaches or surfing at his local breaks.  He loves testing his ability with sup technical racing as well as competing in Bop and Marathons frequently.  Mix this up with a bit of cross-fitting and it’s nothing but ‘Happy Days’.


Gordon Stimson

Age 49

Home break 
Secret location


  • DC 17’4’’Unlimited
  • DC c 14’.0” Doctor Chaser Slight Dug Out 
  • DC 14’.0” Dug Out
  • DC 16’ .0” Flat Water 
  • DC 12’ 6’’ Bop
  • DC 8’ 2’’ Wave
  • DC 8’ 8’’ Wave
  • DC 7’11’’ Wave

Natural footer

Best Contest
Australian Nationals Bop Race 2015

Top Race Result
Australian Nationals, Gold Coast Marathon - 3rd place

My Inspiration
To train harder and smarter

Goals for 2016
Good results in Doctor and King of the Cut races; Requalification for 2016

Preferred Sup Breaks
North of Perth, Lennox Head NSW, Exmouth WA, Mentawis

If you were a sea animal, what would you be? 

Tunes that inspire me
Brooke’s playlist (my daughter)

All-time favorite drink

His passion for the sport spills over into his local sup community as an invaluable member of SUPWA and Downwinding Training Coordinator for the City Beach Drum Liners.  There isn’t a day that goes by that Stimo is not encouraging people from beginners to the elite to get involved with the local training squads and participating within events.

Stimo has been appointed team captain representing WA at Australian Titles for the last two years and leading the team to achieve excellent results.  His knowledge of surfing and supping plays a key role as a team rider with DC paddleboards. Stimo works closely with Dale on design, product research and development. Stimo is an absolute asset to our team and a valued member of the DC family.

Race Results


  • The Doctor O/40 – 7th place
  • King of the Cut O/40 – 4th place
  • Nationals O/40 Marathon – 7th place
  • Nationals O/40 Technical race – 9th place
  • Perth Flatwater 20km Marathon O/40 – 3rd place


  • Nationals O/40Marathon – 3rd place
  • Nationals O/40 Technical race – 6th place
  • Perth Flatwater 20km Marathon O/40 – 3rd place
  • The Doctor O/40 – 3rd place
  • King of the Cut O/40 – 4th place
  • Battle of the Blade, Bunbury - 2nd place
  • Flatwater 20 Marathon -3rd place


  • Noosa Surf Festival: Marathon over 40’s - 9th place

  • Noosa Surf Festival: Bop over 40’s - 8th place