How it Started

Photo credit: Tanika Chapman

Photo credit: Tanika Chapman

Growing up in Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast
I found myself involved with the local surf club, that’s where it all started.  In fact I have a long connection with Victoria Surf Life Saving through my Grandfather being a foundation member of the Torquay SLSC.

Living in Ventura road Mermaid Gold Coast just a few meters from the beach was the ideal spot for a young grom like myself. It was a natural progression to move into surfing, I clearly remember looking at the boys out the back and wanted a piece of the action. Surfing was my thing from the age of 13.

Riding a 5’4” twin fin at the age of 14 years I won my first surf contest at Miami High School, shortly afterwards I was riding for Mango Billabong and Hot Tuna as a kid.

Over the years I have owned various companies, Doctor Ding Surf Repairs, Shapetech, DC Surf Design and Chapman Surf Boards.

My surfboard shaping years were great having worked with City Beach surf stores for eight years and having 18 staff, making an estimated 16,000 boards during that time. Chapman Designs also had a clothing line it was huge in Japan and Australia… it was crazy times; especially in Japan they treated me like a celebrity.

Photo credit: Pieter Ploy, Sup World Magazine

Photo credit: Pieter Ploy, Sup World Magazine

This ran its course and I was forced to re-invent myself. I have to thank Jamie Mitchell and co who I saw surfing a 12” SUP’s at Burleigh Heads, and thought wow this could be the way to go!

My business originally kicked off producing surfing short boards, the company has moved with me to follow a sport that I’m personally passionate about and heavily involved within, stand up paddling.

My first board was a 27’’ wide one (the biggest blank Burfords had at the time). Things have certainly progressed over the years, my latest design being a DC NSP 17’’ 10 which Travis Grant, DC NSP Team Rider raced and won the prestigious M20 in August 2015.

Over the past 30 years I surfed throughout some amazing locations, Indo, Maldives, Papua New Guinea, and my all-time favourite break Burleigh, Gold Coast.

I’ve also had the luxury of stand up paddling locally and internationally within numerous competitions, teaching adults and kids and most importantly catching waves and doing down winders with friends for over 10 years.

The reason I started this business was to fuel my passion for this incredible sport.  Most importantly I really like to see my customers and friends, from beginners through to the elite on the water with massive smiles on a wave or a runner!

Dale Chapman