The difference between DC Paddleboards and the competition is that Dale Chapman, owner, designer and master shaper, is hands-on starting from the design process and continuing through to the manufacturing of all boards produced from the DC paddleboard factory.

Dale Chapman has over 35 years of experience in designing and shaping short boards, SUP boards, surf boards, and foil boards.  In fact, Dale Chapman has produced in excess of 22,000 short boards and over 1000+ stand up paddleboards from the DC Paddleboard factory in Currumbin, Gold Coast Australia.

DC Paddleboards stands out in a competitive market.  The designs are powered by an engine room of designers that compete at an elite level. Dale Chapman heads up an outstanding design team consisting of board designers, shapers and some of the best sprayers in the industry. The team works in collaboration with Dale to produce exceptional board designs and prototypes which are then produced for our customers.

 Photo credit: Dimity Faulkner

Photo credit: Dimity Faulkner

Research and development plays a crucial role to the design cycle.  Dale Chapman, along with his team riders, prides himself on racing upcoming designs to ensure they are perfected prior to manufacturing. Dale personally-overseas the machining process, then hand shapes the blank. He will tell you this process is all about the touch and feel which comes from years of experience.  

“You can have a great design; however, if the board is not shaped with precision, it simply won’t adapt to the water as it should.”

Every board goes through a quality control process to ensure its ready for the water. DC Paddleboards also designs surf sups and race boards for NSP globally.  Allain works closely with DC NSP team rider and current World Champion Travis Grant.  Together, this dynamic trio produce world class designs.