DC 17’4” X 27"

From $5,000.00

This board is perfect for open water paddling with the super long water line and stability rocker is not as radical as some which allows it to glide from swell to swell 

The board has a rudder system which can be set up on the left or right goofy or natural  

The DC 17’4" is designed for the waters in Australia are different from Hawaii this is why we have a different out look on the design of the board all up super fun and the most important can be custom made with different sizes and colour 

  • Length: 17'4"

  • Width: 27 inches

  • Thickness: 9 inches

  • Weight: 15 k

  • Volume: 390 LT

  • Max Rider Weight: 120 K

  • Rider Level: Beginner