DC 16’ x 6" Pro

From $4,400.00

Sizes Available

  • 16’’


  • Carbon

  • Glass

  • Glass + Rudder System

  • Carbon + Rudder System


  • Width: 6''

  • Volume: 358 Litres

  • Rider Level: Intermediate to Advanced

  • Design: Dale Chapman and Nick McDonald

This dugout  design is an extremly fast downwinding board. The reccessed deck allows the paddler to feel closer to the water and has a lower sense of gravity. Excellent for down winding and paddling on the flat. 

The DNA for  this board is from my original custom dug outs paddled in The Doctor, King of the Cut 2015.  This design has been slightly tweaked to enhance overall performance. These are boards are perfect choice for downwonding enthusiasts.