DC 8'2''x 27"

DC 8'2''x 27"

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Name: DC 8'2''x 27

Description: This board has had a few changes made for high performers with some more tail and nose rocker, we also introduced a narrow back half of the board. The unique feature aboutthis board is the narrow back half of the board. I personally have a ball riding this board, I've surfed it double over head and it held in with ease!

Length: Its super reliable and easy to get on a wave if your under 85 K.... you will love it!

  • Width: 27 1/4
  • Thickness: 4 1/4
  • Weight:  5 1/2 kilos
  • Volume: 97 LT
  • Max Rider Weight: 8h k
  • Rider Level: Advanced for a a heavier weight
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